Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Upon Furher Review, The Catcher Was Down By Contact...

It's nice to be able to go to bed before 2AM for once (I don't think I'll be up watching the post game show after the debate). Nonetheless, last night's game was one for the ages; it had everything that you could ask for and most importantly, it had a Red Sox win. What made things better was the way that they won. All you ever heard coming into this series was how the Angels:
  • force the issue
  • make things happen
  • play aggressive
  • put pressure on you
  • go first to third
  • play small-ball
  • they bunt
  • they suicide squeeze (HAHAHAHAHA)
  • and many other corny cliches that baseball writers love to throw out there

And in the end...how'd that work out for ya?? Yes, all of those thigns may be true... but you know what else is true? That team runs into a LOT of outs as well, this was made clear in this series. In addition, the Angels HATE defense...they were kicking the ball around in the infield and outfield like a tee-ball team would.

But what makes this even more sweet for us in Boston was John Lackey's post-game comments. Yes it is true that EVERYONE in Boston loves when someone talks trash about us or doesn't think we can do it... it's what our teams live for...hell, the Pats, Celts and Sox even use that mantra when we're the favorites. Nonetheless, John Lackey saying that they're the better team is beyond comical. I've never liked math, but humor me... if you play a team in the playoffs 10 times and win once, that means you lose 90% of the time. Got that Johnny? 90% of the time, you lose. Not to mention the one win that your team managed to scrounge up wasn't even your win! And that is the exact kind of material that all the teams in Boston feed off of...the rest of the country and the national media just throwing more fuel into the fire. This is why everyone in Boston knows that ESPN is ridiculous. All ESPN's analysts ever do is trash everything having to do with Boston sports and it seems the more we win, the more they hate. Well if that's how it needs to be, I'm sure everyone in Boston would welcome that with open arms.

Alright, time to catch up on sleep from the past 2 nights and amazing games...I suggest you all do the same, because hopefully we have a lot more of those nights left.

The Angry Bostonian

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Opening Day Blog

Hello and welcome! I appreciate your visit to my blog and hope that you will enjoy it today and every time you that you visit. This blog will focus on sports (mainly Boston sports) and at the points where the other things in life intersect with our day-to-day. Thanks again and enjoy!

Ok...now that we got that crap out of the way, lets get down to business!

I'm obviously an obsessive compulsive Boston sports fan. I think the goings on with Bill Simmons, "The Sports Guy" on ESPN and ESPN.com made me want to start blogging my thoughts and opinions. For those of you who don't know...this week, Bill Simmons "The Fake Bostonian" in my opinion, wrote a longer-than-necessary piece for ESPN as to why the whole Manny Ramirez/Red Sox fallout was more the fault of the Red Sox and less the fault of Manny. Perhaps all that West Coast sun, attitude, lack of culture, surfing or whatever the hell else Californians do and having to write for ESPN is getting to Bill's head. Because as all of us here in Boston know...it was no one's fault but Manny's...but that's a blog for another time and I'm positive that we will get into that and other Bill Simmons stories later on...

Nonetheless, for a Boston sports fan, today, Sunday, October 5, 2008 has to be one of the greatest days of the year. 3 reasons why:
  1. The most obvious one :football and really meaningful baseball all on at the same time, 3 times today.
  2. The Pats are back after the bye week in San Francisco. This is such a huge deal of course because we've all been dying to see the Pats back in action after the thrashing they took at the hands of the Dolphins(Really? the Dolphins?). Which by the way, was my first time going to Gillette to see the Patriots; as you can imagine, that was a hard day.
  3. The most important reason as we all know, is because the Sox get to potentially sweep the Angels tonight with Josh Beckett starting at home.

Should #3 come true, I think we all agree that it will be extra special on a number of levels. It will be the continuation of the Red Sox' dominance over the Angels in the postseason. We all heard about how bad the Angels owned the Sox in the regular season, but once again it looks like the Angels are shrinking once again. This is especially sweet because everyone in the national media picked the Angels in this series. Surprisingly, even the vast majority of the local media picked the Angels, the only exception I can think of is Michael Holley of the Dale and Holley show on WEEI 850AM, who picked the Sox to take the series. It was the sexy and trendy thing to do...the Angels owned the Sox in the regular season, the Sox are literally limping into the playoffs with numerous injuries to integral parts of their team and the Angels are supposedly a different team now with their off season additions than those teams in the past who have been swept by the Sox when it counts most. Well, how is that working out for ya??? Yes, I know the series isn't over yet and anything can happen, Red Sox fans should know this better than anyone else. But, I'll take my chances and say that the Red Sox do indeed win the series and if Josh Beckett is indeed healthy and is his regular October self, the series will end in a sweep tonight.

Ok, time to watch the rest of the Pats and prepare for the Sox, hopefully my next posting will be about victories for both our teams!

Thanks for stopping by,

The Angry Bostonian